By Cultivating New Life, You Can Respect the Old

Landscaping can also be about remembering someone who has left this world.  For example, groundskeepers are frequently employed to mow, maintain the cleanliness, and keep the appearance of cemeteries.  This is not just a sign of respect for those who have have died, but also serves as a welcome relief to those who are about to bring a loved one to their final resting place that their loved one’s body, because their spirit is already gone from this world, will be lying forever in a well tended to environment.  This outward appearance that the cemetery projects is also inviting those who get a sense of comfort from visiting their loved one’s gravestone, sitting there for a while, and/or possibly bringing flowers or memorabilia to sit with their loved one at the site.  

Groundskeepers are tasked with maintaining many huge areas, not just cemeteries, but also huge and elaborate mansions, gardens that are open for the public to view, national monuments and parks, as well as other public buildings and spaces with any kind of flora and fauna that might need to be maintained for aesthetic reasons.  

I mean, think about it.  The lawns of courthouses, the Washington Mall, the Botanical Gardens, Arlington National Cemetery, the National Rose Garden, and the grounds of the fictitious Downton Abbey are all very well cared for and immaculately groomed partially because the American attractions here are funded by the government, I mean taxpayers, who expect nothing less than an outward appearance of perfection, and, if we are unable to behave our best we should at least look our best, spare no expense.  

Maintaining these areas can range from to simply trimming the grass with a mower to trimming the hedges, all the way to anything as complicated and detail oriented as pruning roses and other such flowers that require pruning.  Some of these areas also have water features, mainly in the form of water fountains, which require cleaning and other such maintenance.  Some guests to these attractions might even use these water features as wishing wells, which they are not supposed to do because the presence of these coins could pollute the water and kill whatever fish, or other aquatic life, might be living there.  These coins also cause a mixture of rust and other gunk to form in the fountain, which takes forever to clean and must be removed at the earliest possible moment.  Because of these instances, maintaining these grounds (cemeteries, federally owned lands, etc.) is very much a full-time job that is very labor intensive, making it not for the elderly or the faint of heart.  Those individuals would be more advised to take up gardening at their local community center and/or in their own front yard or backyard, for safety purposes.  

If I know anything about the guys at Ware Landscaping, who I’ve hired year after year for my own lawn, they take great pride in the work they do and will be fully respectful of the land they’re working with.

Philadelphia Train Accident

Traveling by train is a very efficient and effective form of mass transportation throughout Pennsylvania. These machines have been in use for over one hundred years, and they still provide a reliable and relatively safe form of travel. However, accidents still happen that cause trains to malfunction or crash, and these accidents can have devastating results. Due to their size and speed, train crashes can cause serious injuries when they come to an unexpected stop. Additionally, the large number of people that ride the train at one time means that, in the event of an accident, all of the passengers are put at risk of injury. Although train accidents are relatively rare, they do still occur and are a statewide tragedy. Fox News reported on a train accident which occurred just this morning, August 22, 2017.

A train leaving a Philadelphia train station at 12:15 Tuesday morning derailed and hit another train on the opposite tracks. At the time of the accident, there were a total of 42 passengers on board the train. Of these passengers, 40 of them were injured in the crash, although thankfully none suffered life-threatening injuries. One of the passengers was rushed to the hospital in critical condition, and the conductor was also sustained significant injuries; however, these were the worst to come of the accident. Activity at the station resumed as quickly as possible in order to manage the morning rush-hour traffic, but the station warned travelers that there may still be delays. No information has been released so far about the reason that the train derailed, but it is possible the details will be released throughout the rest of the day.

Accidents such as these make us all the more aware that even daily activities which seem safe are still filled with unexpected dangers. Although no one was killed in this accident, it is shocking that all but two of the passengers on board the train were injured in the crash. This seems to indicate a serious lack of safety precautions in place in the event of a crash such as this. Despite high speeds and the frequent stops that trains make, we believe them to be safe on the whole, and therefore, we do not take the precautions we would on any other moving vehicle. Hopefully, the Philadelphia train station will learn from this accident and take steps to ensure passenger safety in the future.

There is a multitude of different problems that could have occurred to cause this terrible accident. It is difficult to know if the crash resulted from conductor error, deterioration of the tracks, a defect in the train, or something different altogether. No matter the cause, the injured passengers must no face the physical and financial consequences of this accident.

Common Reasons Why Trucks Crash

You don’t want to get involved in a road accident with a truck. First, the truck is one of the heaviest and largest vehicles on the road. Second, because of this, you may be the one who will sustain more damages. But there are times where truck accidents still happen, and they involve other innocent drivers, so these innocent drivers get undeserved financial burdens, such as medical costs and vehicle repair costs.

According to the website of this Milwaukee personal injury lawyer, those who have been hurt in truck accidents may have legal options. This is good news, especially for the innocent parties. But how can a truck accident exactly occur?

  • Driver Error or Negligence – One of the most common causes of truck accidents is error or negligence on the part of the truck driver. This error can be legitimate, like when the driver has failed to negotiate a curve because of a slippery road. But this error can also be negligent, like when the driver has been driving the truck while distracted, drunk, or fatigued.
  • Mechanical Defects and Poor Maintenance – Trucking companies should be responsible enough to maintain their own trucks, so these trucks are in top condition and are not prone to mechanical defects and malfunctions, particularly those that involve the brake systems, tires, and trailers.
  • Truck Design – It can be argued that trucks have inherently hazardous designs, First, the elevation of the compartment, size of the trailer, and length of the truck, create blind spots or “no zones” directly in the front, back, and side of the truck. Second, the truck’s length and narrowness give the truck a high center of gravity, so it is more vulnerable to rollover accidents.

The examples above are just the most common reasons.

It is good to know that there are legal professionals who specialize in truck accidents. Truckers will be more careful, because at the back of their minds there is the threat of possible lawsuits because of their negligence or recklessness, especially if an innocent party has been involved.

Why Trucks Crash

Why Trucks Crash

When trucks get involved in an accident, they almost always result into injury, death, or heavy traffic. These vehicles are some of the largest and heaviest on the road, so it is not surprising that their impacts on accidents are much greater than any other vehicle type. This also means that truck drivers and trucking companies have the responsibility of ensuring their diligence, so disasters can be prevented.

According to the website of The Benton Law Firm, those who have been injured in truck accidents may get compensation from the damages they have sustained. This is especially true if the accidents have occurred because of the negligence of truck drivers and trucking companies.

Blind Spot Issues

Trucks have blind spots called no-zones. The truck’s compartment may be too high to see anything directly in front of it. The truck may have no rearview mirrors or have cargo to prevent the driver from seeing what is directly behind the vehicle. The truck may also be too long to fully see its entire length on the sidemirrors.

Driver Errors

One of the most common causes of truck accidents is driver error. These errors can be legitimate, like when the driver has failed to properly gauge a turn. But these errors can also be caused by negligence, like when the driver has been driving while drunk or fatigued.

Higher Centers of Gravity

Long and narrow vehicles, such as trucks, sports-utility vehicles, and vans, have higher centers of gravity, making them more prone to rolling over. The risk is amplified during curves and high speeds, due to the turning motion of the wheels and the heaviness of the load, especially of trucks with trailers and cargos.

Improper Trucking Practices

Poor maintenance of the truck can wear out the vehicle and its parts. A poorly-maintained truck may be vulnerable to brake failure, tire blowout, and trailer detachment. Trailer problems can also occur if trucking companies intentionally overloads it just to be more productive.

The Most Humiliating and Insulting Type of Abuse in Nursing Homes

On the morning of January 29, 2013, an 89-year old resident of a nursing home in Minnesota confided to her daughter the sexual abuse committed against her the night before. The abuser was one of the male workers in their nursing home facility. Though the daughter reported the incidence of abuse immediately, it still took 10 days before the Department of Health initiated an investigation.

The 30-year old male nurse aid accused of the crime admitted to having sex with the elderly resident but, according to the nursing home’s clinical services director, the act was consensual and that the accuser even flirted mercilessly with the male employee prior to the sexual act. It took about four days before the victim was medically examined for evidence of rape; results showed that she was badly injured.

Widespread media coverage of nursing home abuses sends two chilling realities: that these are true and happen much mor most humiliating and insulting e often than anyone can imagine; and, residents both the old and the sick, despite being weak and defenseless are still being taken advantage of by abusive individuals.

Though more acts of abuses are now being uncovered and abusers brought to justice, it just cannot be denied that many of these abuses are totally shameful acts. Worse, most of these are committed by nursing home employees themselves, by nurses or certified nursing assistants.

Some forms of abuses in nursing homes are physical, emotional, financial and sexual, which is the most humiliating and insulting, but the least type of abuse reported. Elder sexual abuse, for clarity’s sake, is physical or sexual contact with an elderly person, this contact being non-consensual or unwanted. This includes making contact with a confused elderly person or with one who is unable to give consent.

The signs of sexual abuse include bruising; blood, stains, or rips in undergarments; sudden trouble standing, sitting, or walking; newly discovered sexually transmitted diseases; pain or injury in pelvic areas; and, inappropriate or atypical behavior. It is not easy to detect signs of sexual abuse; victims also very rarely confide with anyone about the abuse committed against them due either to fear or shame. Often, it is up to family members to make sure that their loved one is not a victim of any type of abuse or neglect.

As explained by a Chicago nursing home sex abuse lawyer of Karlin, Fleisher & Falkenberg, “allegations of sexual abuse are serious and will need to be duly investigated by the appropriate authorities. That being said, family members need to take immediate action to protect their loved one if they suspect that he or she has experienced unwanted or otherwise non-consensual sexual contact.”

What Are The Common Causes of Construction Accidents?

One of the most accident prone areas for a worker to be in is the construction site. The OSHA requires employers to put in place safety measures and provide their workers with a hazard free workplace. Figures from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration revealed that 20.3% of 3,929 worker fatalities in 2013 came from the construction industry. In addition, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported 775 deaths in construction sites in 2012, representing 19.6 percent of all workplace deaths that year.

There are many factors that can contribute to construction accidents and deaths. Falls still remains as the most common cause of death for construction workers. The OSHA revealed that there were a total of 278 deaths due to falls in 2012. This accounted for 36 percent of all construction industry related deaths. In addition, ten percent of fatalities at construction sites were due to being struck by objects. Being caught-in-between was also another common cause cited by the OSHA report for 2012.

Finally, the third most common cause of death in construction sites was electrocution, which accounted for 9 percent of all deaths in the construction site. Other causes of construction site deaths include musculoskeletal disorders, motor vehicle accidents, and others. According to the website of Clawson and Staubes, LLC : Injury Group, construction accidents is associated with costly medical expenses, lost income, and difficult decisions.

Construction site accidents happen because their employers violated current safety standards. It is the job of the employer to warn their workers about the hazards they face in their workplace and that they should see to it that they follow the safety policies that are in place for their own good. If you or someone else had been hurt in the construction site, you can make your employer liable for the accident and recover damages in the process.

Determining Liability In Jet Ski Accidents

Seventy five percent of the earth is composed of water. For this reason, many people enjoy ridding jet skis in different beaches. These water vessels are easy to operate and offer enjoyment to the user especially during the warm months. While they are supposed to be fun and exciting, all that can disappear due to the carelessness and negligence of other owners. According to the a 2013 report by the U.S. Coast Guard, jet ski accidents accounted for 601 injuries and 36 fatalities.

Jet skis and other recreational boats do not have brakes and everything depends on the user’s ability to reduce the throttle, thrust the engine, or change direction. Jet ski accidents are often tragic which could lead to serious injuries or deaths. In order to recover damages in a jet ski accident, you first need to determine liability. The attorneys at the Erez Law firm help parties take legal action by holding negligent parties liable.

Operator Liability

This is the most common cause of jet ski accidents. Most crashes happen due to inexperience, intoxication, or miscalculation. The case results to a victory if the plaintiff can prove that the defendant showed recklessness or did not take the proper precautions to avoid the accident.

Product Liability

Another common cause of jet ski accident is product defects or malfunctions. If the plaintiff can prove that the accident was a direct result of malfunctions or defects, they might be able to recover damages. In recent years, manufacturers such as Kawasaki have faced lawsuits for defects that pose a risk to other riders. Likewise, some cases were due to the failure of the manufacturer to warn riders about the dangers of the product.

Rental Company Liability

Liability may also be placed on rental companies. Riders are made to sign indemnity waivers before they are allowed to use the jet skis. But still they can be held liable for damages if it can be proven that they failed to properly maintain their equipment.

The devastating nature of jet ski accidents can result to huge losses for the family of the plaintiff. Seeking damages is the best way they can cope with the loss.

Nursing Home Abuse is a Scary Issue

There comes a time in a person’s life when they may be unable to care for themselves and live independently. They usually turn to their family and loved ones for a solution. This is why you find many households where the grandma or grandpa lives with their child and grandchildren. But what if moving in with a loved one isn’t possible? Nursing homes are a great alternative whenever an individual of older age needs constant care that their family can’t commit to providing due to work or other circumstances in their own life.

Nursing homes are seen as a solution, a place where the burden of constantly worrying about the safety of an older relative can be alleviated. Families move older relatives into a nursing home blindly trusting that the staff will take care of their loved one’s physical and emotional needs. Unfortunately, there are many cases of nursing home staff being neglectful and cruel to residents. According to the Horst Law, this kind of mistreatment can come in many forms and unfortunately, some forms of abuse are hard to spot. According to the National Center on Elder Abuse, approximately 10% of nursing home residents suffer abuse.

The effects of nursing home abuse can vary from emotionally damaging to altering the individual’s health or life. For example, if a resident’s medicine is distributed incorrectly, they could suffer severe medical consequences or even death. On the other hand, a person may not die from physical or sexual abuse, but the emotional trauma that surrounds those circumstances may be just as life-altering.

Nursing homes and their staff are under contract. This allows for staff to not only be held civilly liable, but also criminally liable in many cases. As the family member of a loved one who has undergone nursing home abuse, you should seek restitution for their suffering. Nursing homes are liable for their staff and how they behave at work. Do not let a staff member’s negligence alter your loved one’s health or emotional state.

My Car Has Just Been Recalled, What Should I Do?

German automaker Volkswagen is under fierce criticism after authorities learned about an intricately designed software deliberately installed in the vehicle to modify the levels of pollutants in the exhaust to defeat an emissions test. Although the car company is yet to announce a fix on this issue, Volkswagen owners should expect a car recall any time in the near future.

But what happens when a car is recalled? In the U.S., a car recall is usually issued by the manufacturing company and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). A car is recalled if the NHTSA found defects that could threaten road safety. Typical defects include:

  • Faulty wirings that pose explosion or fire hazard
  • Faulty head light, tail lamps, mirrors and other components that could affect overall driving experience
  • Faulty tires and wheels, which may result in blowouts
  • Faulty under chassis, which may compromise control
  • Improperly designed gas pedal, which may cause sudden acceleration
  • Leaky gas tank, which may pose fire hazard
  • Airbags that do not deploy when needed, or explode when deployed
  • Seatbelts that do not lock when needed

If your car is recalled, you will most probably receive communication through standard mail or email regarding its details. It is important to read all the details, especially about the defects and the possible threats associated with it. The letter would also tell you about instructions on how to handle the issue. In most cases, car owners will be told by the company to drop their car at a local dealership for a quick fix. These repairs are free of charge, so don’t hesitate to visit your dealer.

When you fail to have your car repaired when it is recalled, you are most likely driving a road hazard. Unfortunately, a faulty car may cause injurious accident that may take its toll not just on you, but also on your occupants and on anyone who shares the road with you.

Parole Revocations

Parole is a conditional release from imprisonment that is allowed to continue only if the parolee meets certain requirements. Unfortunately, the release conditions can be a long and confusing list that makes it easy to violate unintentionally. According to the website of Kohler Hart Powell, SC, there are a few main areas in which violations typically occur. It is important to be familiar with these areas of the law in order to not violate them.

Often it is required that the parolee must remain in a certain area for the duration of their parole. This can be restricted to the state, but is most often restricted to a particular city or county. Sometimes the borders can be unclear, and if a parolee leaves the area without the prior consent of their officer their parole can be revoked.

Meetings are almost always required of the parolee. These meetings allow the officer to see the parolee at regular intervals for evaluation. It is also a chance for the parolee to ask questions of the officer or request permission to leave the area for a time. If a scheduled meeting is missed, whether on purpose or due to illness or work, it can be grounds for revocation.

Lastly are the urinalyses. Parolees are almost always required to take ‘pee tests’ in order for the officer to know if they are abusing drugs. If a test is failed, the parole is nearly always terminated and the parolee must return to prison. Tests can be failed either by the presence of drugs in their systems, or from attempting to falsify a test by using someone else’s urine.

There can be many other conditions to paroles that are easily violated if not completely understood. Unfortunately, officers do not have to provide as much evidence to prove the violation of parole as they would have to provide to prove a crime.

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